BEAUTY TIP: How To Eat Right For Your Skin

  • Acne Prone – Bright red and orange fruits and vegetables are rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts to oil-reducing vitamin A. Avoid loading-rich salt, prawns and seaweed stimulate oil glands, causing irritation of pores. Pure chocolate is safe, but sugary desserts are not.
  • Wrinkles – Fruits rich in colour such as berries have vitamin C, which promotes anti-aging, skin firming collagen and antioxidants. Avoid taking too much iron, high doses may contribute to wrinkles. Watch your sugar intake as it can lead to sagging.
  • Dry Skin – Drink lots of water and eat foods with good fats which help keep cell walls strong and prevent water loss, like avocado, and olive oil. Avoid Coffee and black tea dehydrate your internal tissues and skin. Margarine and most fried foods can deplete levels of good fats and cause dry skin.
  • Redness – Eat calming foods such as fish, cucumbers and Licorice. Also, turmeric seasoning is high in curcumin, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Avoid Hot foods in temperature or spiciness, alcohol and caffeine make blood vessels swell, so skin looks redder, according to dermatologists.
  • Brown Spots – Powerful antioxidants found in dark chocolate, pomegranates and broccoli that fight sun damage are your best beauty bets. Avoid alcohol, especially beer, as well as processed foods, weaken the immune system, making skin more sensitive to sunlight.
  • Dull Skin – Green and orange veggies increase vitamin A levels, making skin cells shed faster for a radiant complexion. Avoid spices, garlic and onions as they increase circulation and impart a healthy glow.

BEAUTY TIP: How To Organise Your Make Up

  • Take Stock – Toss what you never use as well as what’s old: Powders and eye shadows should be pitched after two years; eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, concealer and foundation after one year; mascara after just 3 months.
  • Sort – Organise your cosmetics into those you use everyday (which you’ll want to store in a handy spot, like the medicine cabinet or a nearby drawer) and those that could be moved to a satellite drawer or closet.
  • Organise – Group like items with like, using clear containers for small items. Leave enough room on shelves so that products are easily accessible and just as easy to put away. Cutlery trays can also help keep drawers tidy.
  • Store – Fill a caddy with supplies for manicures. Put body products on a lazy Susan if your supply shelves are packed. And wrap brushes you dont use everyday in a soft fabric brush roll so they stay clean.

BEAUTY TIP: Finding an Ideal Lipstick

  • The News In Hues – Lipstick, like clothing, has become seasonless; matching your own colouring is the goal now. Roughly, cooler tones work better for fairer skin, and warmer tones work best for darker skin. Say you’re trying to choose a shade of pink: A warm pink is peachy; a cool pink is more mauve. Or try a shade that pros say looks beautiful on nearly everyone: a sheer berry, a subtle pink, or a light brown or nude spiked with gold, bronze or red.
  • Perfect Timing – Choose your colour for different times of day. From 9 to 5, warm and creamy shades (more pink, less red) will look best, especially under harsh office lights. Evening light is more forgiving, so smooth on the sheer fuchsia (for fair skin) or brick red (for olive skin).
  • Matte or Sheer – The formulae – glass, stain, sheer or matte matters too. Generally, the wetter the texture, the less long wearing but more goof-proof. We all know how easy it is to spread on some gloss and go and how quickly it disappears from our lips. A drier stain grips and holds, so you have to be exacting about applying it within the lines. Something in t he middle is best for day: A sheer lipstick is more permanent than gloss but easier to apply than a matte or stain. Save the heavy gloss, and the shimmery stuff, for night.
  • Mix Master – A final pointer: Combining one part lipstick, one part gloss to create a custom colour is an inexpensive way to broaden your lip wardrobe. Brighten a brown stick with a dab of pink gloss, or lighten a dark shade with clear gloss.

BEAUTY TIP: 5 Cheap Ways To Feel Happy

  1. Buy a Flower and place it on your desk at work or somewhere in your home. Flowers make you happy and smile which is a positive emotion.
  2. Create a colourful dinner, fill it with colourful vegetables or a colourful fruit salad as colours make you happy.
  3. Set an easy goal. Like clean out your handbag, purse etc organisation creates a sense of control. When you feel in control you feel happy.
  4. Light a scented candle for no reason, lighting your favourite candle lifts your mood.
  5. Bathe with a scented body wash that reminds you of an island holiday.