Food Tips

FOOD TIP: How To Present Your High Tea Tower 🍰🧁

FOOD TIP: Having a Dinner Party? Here Are Some Pointers On How To Choose The Right Wines For Your Evening 🍷

1. Firstly plan your menu for the evening. Once you have determined your menu you will then be able to establish which wines goes with which foods for example.

2. Reds tend to well suit red meats and white wines with fish, chicken & cheeses. Though red wines do pair well with aged Gouda, Pecorino & Cheddar.

Food Tip: Create a Gift

On a budget, need ideas or something creative on what to buy your friend, partner, child or loved one for their birthday? Think of a dessert they would like for example Brownies, cookies etc. Find an easy recipe, mix in the dry ingredients, pop it into a beautiful jar. You can purchase a jar from a home store such as IKEA, Kmart, Big W etc and gift it away as a gift. With a hand written recipe and a pretty ribbon and Tag. It looks really sweet and they would appreciate the effort as well.

Food Tip: Italian Cheeses

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1. PECORINO – This sheep’s milk cheese can be young and fresh or, when aged, as crumbly, easily grated and distinctively sharp in flavour as Parmesan. In Italy, it is often grated onto pasta’s. mixed into stuffings or shaved onto salads instead of Parmesan.

2. PARMESAN – TRUE Parmesan is known as parmigiana reggiano and is only made in a limited are of northern Italy, though other regions produce its closest rival, grana Padang. Usually aged for up to two years. It is a hard cheese most often grated onto pastas and risottos.

3. RICOTTA – Meaning re-cooked, ricotta is actually a cheese by-product, produced when whey drained from cheeses such as mozzarella and provolone is cooked again. It is soft, rich but mild with a slightly sweet flavour, a hint of saltiness and moist consistency.

4. TALEGGIO – This soft, washed-rind cheese is traditionally ripened in the caves of Val taleggio, in the Lombardy region of Italy. The aroma is mild when young, but quite pungent when mature, while the flavour is sweet and fruity, with a light sour, tangy taste.

5. MOZZARELLA – This stretched curd cheese was originally made using buffalo milk, it is semi-soft and has an elastic texture and mild, tangy flavour. Because of its excellent melting qualities, its ideal for pizzas and baked pasta dishes.

6. BOCCONCINI – The name for these moulded balls of fresh mozzarella means little mouthfuls in italian. BOCCONCINI are stored in water or a light brine solution to maintain their delicate flavour, which is mild and slightly sweet. Use them in antipasto dishes or salads and on pizzas.

7. GORGONZOLA – This creamy, ivory-coloured cheese with blue-green veins is named after the town near Milan where it originated. It melts beautifully for sauces, pastas and risottos, and is delicious in salads or as part of a cheese platter with pear, figs and walnuts.