HOME STYLE: How To Arrange Flowers With Different Types Of Vases

ROUND VASE: This is perfect for roses, which look best in a container that mirrors their shape and that is opaque. Cut fresh roses at a sharp angle and place them briefly in hot water, then put them in a vase filled with water at room temperature. Round vases also work well for Carnations, Gerberas & Peonies.

BUD VASE: Poppies are lightweight and have artfully curved stems; a dainty bud vase will hold the blossom upright and let it do its thing. For any easy centrepiece, group together three bud vases of varying shapes. Freesia, sweet peas and gerbera daises are also attractive in bud vases.

JULEP CUP VASE: A delicate flower such as a grape hyacinth matches this petite container. The straight sides of. The cup provide a sturdy anchor for spindly stems. Other options are lilies of. the valley, snowdrops and sweet peas. Most cut flowers should be one and a half to two times the height of the vase.

URN VASE: Dense Flowers with large blossoms and long, supple stems, such as tulips, compliment the urn’s heavier shape beautifully. And the flexible stems let flowers stretch along the lip of an urn like outspread arms. Hyacinth and viburnum are also great options for these vintage vessels.

Bowl Vase: Float Gerberas in a low, wide bowl in a bathroom or on a bedside table. The lush bloom against the spare backdrop has a modern and serene appeal. A drop of bleach helps keep the water clean, but you should still change it daily. Peonies, Camellias and Gardenias are also appropriate in this container.

CYLINDER VASE: For long, flowering branches, such as quince, you need something tall. The narrow shape also helps anchor the stems. Cut into the bottom ends of branches with clippers to help them take in water more easily. Other suitable branches for cylinder vases are cherry blossoms & Lilac Flowers.

HOME STYLE: How To Make Over Your Desk.

1. Dress Up The Desktop: Must Have Accessories? A Flexible Lamp, Clock, Framed Personal Photo And Vase Of Flowers. Mix Textures And Colours To Add Visual Interest.

2. Stock The Drawers: Outfit Them With Trays And Fill With Paper Clips. Scissors, Rubber Bands And Stationary. Stash lesser-used items in a nearby closet.

3. Personalise: Make your workspace an extension of your home. Choose a desk that feels like furniture but has ample room to work and deep draws.

4. File It Away: To keep the desktop clean, you have to be disciplined with your filing cabinet. Shred outdated info, file what’s necessary, and purge at least once a year.

5. Control Keepsakes: Look at personal photos with a trash can nearby and toss unwanted shots immediately. If you cant place them in albums, put them in photo boxes.

HOME STYLE: House Cleaning Tips & Ideas

  1. Spray the cloth, not the surface, so you dont have to spend time wiping off any access.
  2. Work the room and you wont miss anything. Start at the door and move clockwise around the room, cleaning everything on and against the wall, then clean furniture in the middle of the room.
  3. Put a little essential oil on the light globe in a lamp, When it warms up, the scent will spread through the room.
  4. Use a lint remover to remove dust on your lampshades and curtains.
  5. Vacuum everything, the inside of the fridge, the oven, the toaster and the cutlery drawer to pick up every bit of dirt, dust and crumb.
  6. A hair dryer can remove dust from a computer keyboard, the bottom of a handbag and the corner of a cupboard.
  7. When you finish cleaning a room, close the door. Then, when you’ve finished cleaning every room, go back and inspect each one, leaving the door open when you are happy with the result.