Travel Tips

How Much To Bring? We are always overthinking and stressing what to pack. Here are tips on what to pack, for an overnight stay, long weekend and for a week or more.


You need at least two bottoms with two interchangeable tops. Make one set dressy , the other casual. Then throw in a coordinated cardigan, wrap or blazer

Long Weekend:

Think in terms of mix and match pieces. Three tops and two bottoms give you more than 5 different styles. If you just in case yoga pants can double as pyjamas, all the better.

For a Week or More:

Get 5 days right. Plot them from head to toe and with the necessary underpinnings, you’re prepared for 10. Just rotate tops and bottoms and change accessories.

1. Always pack a chameleon item or two. Make sure the item can be worn in different ways.

2. Invest in a collection of luxe t-shirts. Choose a variety of shapes and sophisticated neutrals..

3. Choose wisely when packing shoes. A black pair is always an option as black tends to go with just about anything and everything. Maybe a pop of colour like a red or metallic. Basically a pair of heels and comfy flats should do the trick.